Children's Faces Light Up When They See A Parent They Have Not Seen For A Long Time. Family Court Services is instrumental in helping families bridge the huge gap that divorce or parents’ separation leaves in the lives of children suffering trough the process. As a family law practitioner for 17 years and as a lawyer who does substantial work as Guardian Ad Litem, I have witnessed first hand the results of the important and substantial work done by Family Court Services. By providing counseling, supervised visits and a host of other psychological services to children and families going through the difficult process of dissolving the family, assistance is provided that the judicial process cannot provide. I have seen families transformed after they engage in co-parenting. I’ve seen children’s faces light up when they see a parent they have not seen for a long time as they participate in a reunification visit through Family Court Services. The need for FAMILY COURT SERVICES grows as the case load in our County grows.

Ana Garcia, Esq.

Family Court Services Observer Provided This Father With Guidance In A Professional, Warm And Non-Judgmental Manner: A few years ago, I served as a Guardian ad Litem on a very difficult case in which there was supervised visitation and had the opportunity to observe the supervised parenting time of not only the case I was involved with but several others while waiting for the parents in my case to arrive. In one particular case, the child was an infant who was only a few months old. The father’s supervised time was only once a week and he was clearly nervous even holding the baby and overtly stressed every time the baby cried. The Family Court Services Observer provided this father with guidance in a professional, warm and non-judgmental manner. Within several minutes, the father was obviously comfortable holding, interacting with and comforting his child. The Specialists that supervise visitation are well trained and sensitive to the emotions of both parents. They do an excellent job of redirecting inappropriate behavior in a non-judgmental manner so the parent does not give up and will continue the journey to safe and meaningful unsupervised time. When I was asked to serve as the FAWL representative on the KidSide board, I jumped at the opportunity to support a true asset to the Family Court System.

Bonnie Sockel-Stone, Esq.

Greatly Benefits the Children: We have found that Family Court Services provides a neutral, safe environment that promotes positive interaction between parents and their children in our high conflict family law cases. This, in turn, serves to greatly benefit the children who are unfortunately caught in the middle of their parents’ disputes.

Michelle A. Williams, Esq.

An Irreplaceable Role In Reducing Parental Conflict: Family Court Services has been an invaluable resource in providing services to families I have in treatment. From providing supervised visitation in a safe environment to providing referrals for attritional treatment needed, Family Court Services has consistently demonstrated, in a myriad of ways, an irreplaceable role in reducing parental conflict and addressing the psychological needs of children and families.

Ed Sczechowicz, Ph.D.

Assistance During One Of The Most Difficult Events In A Child’s Life: As a testimonial I can unequivocally state that the interventions and guidance offered by Family Court services often make all the difference in the world for a child of divorcing parents. They provide a safe and secure environment for children and their parents to receive assistance during one of the most difficult events in a child’s life. Without properly funding Family Court services, children in our community would needlessly suffer. We cannot afford to allow that to happen.

Jonathan Jonasz, Esq.

Protect Children And Encourage Healthy Relationships: I have worked with numerous families who have utilized Family Court Services over the years. Children have been able to spend time with parents under supervision, when such supervision was warranted by circumstance. Parents have also received much needed guidance with co-parenting skills during the separation or divorce process. These services ultimately protect children and encourage healthy relationships in order for them to thrive emotionally.

Dr. Laura Lobulio-Vigil