KidSide Newsletter November 2021

November 2021

Co-Parenting: A View from the Bench
by Judge Angélica D. Zayas

Judge Angélica D. Zayas
Honorable Angelica Zayas, Circuit Judge
Associate Administrative Judge
Miami-Dade Children’s Courthouse

What Is Co-Parenting? Co-parenting can be described or defined in many ways. In the context of the Family Court, co-parenting can best be described as a parenting relationship where both parents assume joint responsibility for raising their child even though they are…

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Co-Parenting: Sink or Swim
Dr. Laura LoBuglio-Vigil, Psy.D. &
Dr. Julio Vigil, Ph.D.


It is becoming an all too familiar statistic that is quoted in most articles related to children and divorce: “About half of all American children will experience their parent’s divorce.” While divorce can be a stressful time for both adults and children, research demonstrates…

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I’m a Better Co-Parent Because of FCS


I was referred to Family Court Services for co-parenting services. My co-parent and I did not have a healthy communication pattern which negatively impacted my child’s academic performance. I was frustrated when I received my referral for co-parenting because I…

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