KidSide Newsletter October 2021


What Judges Want to Hear from Forensic Accountants
(and the lawyers who call on them) in Family Court Proceedings
by Judge David Young

David Young
Honorable David Young, Circuit Judge
Forensic Accountants serve an important function in many family law cases. This is true whether the case involves a divorce, equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, the award of alimony, the award of child support, or the award of fees and costs. While not all parties…

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Forensic Accountants Role in the Cost-Benefit Analysis in Divorce
by Matt James, CPA/ABV/CFF, MAFF

Forensic Audit

Most attorneys aren’t numbers people. They are strategists, networkers, brawlers—answering a myriad of client demands while always considering the cost of each approach. Forensic accountants help cut through the fat to answer the driving question, “is this claim or case cost effective for the client from an accounting standpoint?” It’s time to…

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The Case for Individual Therapy Provided by
Family Court Services

Woman crying on sofa during therapy session while therapist is taking notes

Thanks to the Community Resource Department at Family Court Services, I have participated in individual therapy from November 24, 2020. until June 30, 2021. I was always cooperative, on time, and motivated to participate in my treatment. During the …

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