KidSide Newsletter September 2021


Chapter 61, Under Section 61.13
by Judge Marcia Caballero

Judge Marcia
Honorable Marcia B. Caballero, Circuit Judge
Associate Administrative Judge
MDC Children’s Courthouse

Issues involving minor children can be the most difficult of all matters to be decided by the judge in a domestic relations or a family case. The presiding judge will consider all of the factors listed in Florida Statute 61 under Section 61.13 as well as any other relevant circumstances in determining what is in the child’s best interest and welfare…

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The Role of the Guardian Ad Litem
by Cindi Kamen, Esquire

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We have all had cases where the parents are so enmeshed in their own arguments, their child’s best interest takes a back seat in their case. When a case presents high-conflict issues regarding children, the Court will frequently appoint a guardian ad litem to investigate the allegations of the parties’ pleadings and motions and make recommendations to the Court that protect the child’s best interests. As described in Section 61.401, Florida Statutes, the guardian ad litem acts as “next friend of the children.”…

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A Drama-Free Experience Because of Our
Guardian Ad Litem

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Before receiving help from Family Court Services, I was crippled by excessive lawyer fees. I was referred to this department for therapeutic services for my family and I. I was horrified about the cost of therapy when I was already spending so much. The Judge appointed a Guardian ad Litem to my case too which I thought was unnecessary and more of a financial obligation for me. I must say…therapy helped me in ways I never thought would be…

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