Substance Use Disorder

Presently in the United States, nearly 9 million children live with at least one parent who suffers from a Substance Use Disorder, including alcohol (SUD). This constitutes no less than 12% of all children in the United States. Fifty percent of those suffering from a SUD, also suffer from a co-occurring mental health issue such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

Effects of Substance Use Disorder

The ways in which parental substance and alcohol use disorder affect children are sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle; sometimes instantaneous, sometimes chronic; sometimes they can be overcome, sometimes they are forever, but they are always powerful and enduring in the memories of children.

FCS: A Core Piece to Family Cohesiveness

Testimonials FCS: A Core Piece to Family Cohesiveness   In short Family Court Services has been a core piece of what was required to bring our family into a more cohesive role. My therapist had the right approach and allowed me and my ex to lead our own sessions....