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Although best known for his novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull, … itself a most worthy read … award winning author Richard Bach, also penned another very spiritual novel entitled Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. I read Illusions almost 35 years ago but the message is with me always…

Parental Alienation: Child Abuse? Reportable? by Robert A. Evans, Ph.D.

Florida, as virtually every state, has a law that pertains to abuse of children. In Florida, it is referred to as Chapter 39 Proceedings Relating to Children. Within Chapter 39 is section 39.01(2) which provides the definition of Abuse, and it includes, among other things: “Abuse” means: any willful act or threatened act that results in any physical,
mental, or sexual abuse, injury, or harm that causes or is likely to cause the child’s physical, mental, or emotional health to be significantly impaired.

FCS: Calm in the Midst of Chaos

I don’t know where my life would be today if I had not had the benefit of Family Court Services helping me with my divorce. I was referred to their office by the Judge. Actually, one of my family friends told me about Family Court Services since she had...