KidSide Newsletter November 2022

Judge Denaro’s Journey and the Adoption Process 

By Lucy Pinero. Esq – adoptive parent/child advocate |

and Judge Denaro |


Interviewing Judge Denaro was an unexpected delight. Her passion and commitment to adoption and children was enlightening.  I posed a series of questions to the Judge during my interview and wish to share some of the most meaningful highlights.

Who is Judge Denaro?

Judge Denaro grew up with her parents and her brother in Miami-Dade County. She attended Palmetto Senior High School, graduated in 1984, and went on to graduate from Tulane University in 1988 with honors.  In 1992, she fulfilled her dream of becoming an attorney when she graduated from law school in Michigan. Then returned home to Miami-Dade County to begin her professional life.

During the course of over 18 years, she was an assistant state attorney with the Miami-Dade Attorney’s Office specializing in homicide, juvenile and domestic crimes. From 2004 thru 2011, Judge Denaro was regularly featured as one of our top government attorneys in South Florida’s Legal Guide.

In May 2011, Judge Denaro was appointed to the County Court Bench, and in 2018, elevated to the Circuit Court. At present, she is a tenacious child advocate assigned to the Unified Family Court located at the Children’s Courthouse.


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The Relationship Between Adoption Law and The Florida Child Welfare System

By Alan Isaac Mishael   |


In Florida, purely private, domestic adoptions that do not originate through Florida’s child welfare system are typically governed largely if not exclusively by Chapter 63 of the Florida Statutes entitled “Adoptions” and the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure. At the same time, many children in Florida who become available for adoption are graduates of Florida’s child welfare system. For adoptions that result from child welfare proceedings under Chapter 39, there is no single unitary source of law furnishing reliable markers along the road that the eventual adoptee will travel. Both Florida and federal law influence that process and provide financial incentives to help prospective adoptive parents offer these children often the first normal childhood they will have experienced. Before arriving at that point however, the prospective adoptive parent of a child achieving permanency through the child welfare system will often confront many procedural and substantive challenges far afield from private adoption cases. Our presentation is intended to share with a wider audience some of the things we have learned.

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