You can change the life of a vulnerable child in crisis.

Your support is essential.

Without your support KidSide would not exist, without KidSide critical services for Miami’s most vulnerable children would evaporate. The consequences of that for low-income families and our broader communities would be immeasurable. Join our mission today, together we can  change  lives. We can create a brighter future for kids who are already suffering through the pain of fracturing and damaging family conflict.

We are delighted to receive donations from persons, firms and corporations dedicated to support the needs of children immersed in family court conflicts. Proceeds will benefit Family Court Services by enhancing services and facilities, funding additional staffing and providing additional hours of operation when possible. Additionally, KidSide, Inc. is available to receive grant funding in its quest to enhance the Family Court Services Unit’s response to the children, parents and Judiciary of the Family and Domestic Violence Courts.

Your donation will help children heal and thrive

KidSide and Family Court Services are a lifeline for kids in crisis