KidSide has launched the Amplifying Impact campaign with the goal of raising $40,000 by June 30th and we need your help. With these funds, we will be able to hire a Licensed Psychologist to oversee FIVE doctoral students to provide critical services to around 250 families in one year at no cost to the families.

Family Court Services (FCS) assists parents and children caught in the web of high-conflict cases in the Miami-Dade Family Court system. FCS provides critical assistance, counseling, and other resources to children from low-income families struggling with high-conflict separation or divorce, who may be suffering from domestic violence, abuse, or neglect.

FCS is severely underfunded and caseloads are extremely high. Without funding from KidSide, many children and families would not have access to the life-changing therapeutic services offered by FCS. KidSide funds the employment of therapists at FCS to provide direct clinical services to these vulnerable children and families, but it is simply not enough to address the sheer number of those in need.

FCS desperately requires more mental health professionals to provide critical therapeutic services. Because of charitable donations to KidSide, FCS is able to employ a couple of therapists. However, this is simply not enough to serve the hundreds of families in need in our community. If KidSide funded just one position, a Clinical Supervisor, this qualified licensed psychologist could supervise approximately five doctoral level psychology trainees to provide therapeutic services to hundreds of families in need.

Thank you to the following providers who have committed their support:


$2500 and up

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Alliance for Psychological Services
Zoe’s Happily Divorced
Cindi Kamen