Emotional Support in Time of Crisis


As a Domestic Violence victim, it is rare to come across people that understand what you’ve gone through. Even family members. When I was referred to Family Court Services, I was shocked. The Specialists assigned to my case were so sensitive, provided me with the emotional support (that I didn’t even know I needed), and offered me information on different resources available to me near my home. As a result, I felt like I had everything in my power now to do right by me and my family. Because of Family Court Services, I was able to work with a Domestic Violence Advocate, create an emergency safety plan for me and my children, and receive help with legal services. I knew I needed an advocate and someone to really help me with my situation but I never found it in me to get the assistance. With the wrap around support, education, and expertise from Family Court Services, I was finally able to find the encouragement and drive I’ve been searching for. Once I worked on my inner strength, I was then able to focus on my children. It’s a great relief knowing that Family Court Services exists and that everything was free. They helped my family and I have no doubt they can help yours.

-Lucia, 28 y/o, Mother of 2 boys (2 y/o and 10 months)