Family Court Services Is Making All The Difference For Me

Family Court Services is making all the difference for me. I lost custody of my 3 kids in 2021 and have been working every day since on my sobriety. I am focused on getting them back and doing everything in my power to be healthy for my kids. Family Court Services helped and continues to help me on my ongoing case. They are tremendous. Things really changed once the Judge got them involved on my case. I didn’t see a penny from my divorce, my divorce attorney took it all. They didn’t show up for my court hearings or advocate for me in the way I wanted them to. The staff at Family Court Services has always made effort to be empathetic towards my situation and never made me feel like another case number. They have been the only team to step up and make reports about my progress in any accurate way. I am grateful for their help and eternally grateful for their commander in chief.

Victoria, mom of 3 girls, 34 y/o