Family Court Services Saved My Family


Family Court has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face. Today I can finally put this behind me especially as someone who isn’t familiar with how the court system works.

I was asked to write a testimonial and I’m happy to do so. Family Court Services helped me and my son better our relationship.

Unfortunately I faced a really bad custody battle with my ex for years. We started making more of an effort to get along about a year ago and it worked. I did co-parenting and learned a lot of things that I was doing wrong. My Specialist even thought it was a good idea to do a session with our new partners and it worked. We all sat down and discussed matters. The one thing we have in common is that we love our son.

But then suddenly my son didn’t want to spend time with me. I couldn’t understand why. I loved him so much and always did right by him. I told the Judge what was happening and he sent us to this department, once again. I was assigned the same Specialist from before. I really liked this because she was already familiar with my case and I didn’t have to start brand new with someone else.

After a few sessions with my Specialist, my son finally told me what was bothering him. I recently gave birth to my second child about a year ago and my son felt bothered and jealous. He thought I loved her more and care about him less.

To make a long story short, we were both able to clear the air and address the elephant that sat in our room for months.

Family Court Services was relentless. My son wouldn’t talk at all and they gave me confidence that slowly but surely he’d feel more comfortable and open up. They were right and they never gave up on him.

I’m proud to say my son is happier now when he’s with me. I accepted the suggestions provided by my Specialist and now I make sure to spend more alone time and one-on-one time with him. I thought this would take years of therapy since he was so mad but it just took 4 months! I was patient and did everything they told me to do.

I’m not sure if I can ever repay them for helping us but I hope by this testimonial people can see that this works and this department was exactly what we needed during tough times.

My court case officially closed January 26th and my family is on to a new chapter.

Teresa, 35 y/o, working with FCS since 2020