Finding out the services were free was such a relief!

The testimonial below is from an anonymous parent who received therapy sessions paid for by KidSide.

After my domestic violence proceedings, I was assigned to attend a parenting class. The therapist was excellent, but we could only get so far. There were only so many classes, and we were not able to dive into anything. You must do the difficult thing of rehashing your past over and over again with a new person, and there are only so many sessions allowed before it stops completely. This leaves you feeling stranded, without access to that resource any longer while still experiencing the same difficulties.

I think it was destiny when Family Court Services referred me for therapy because I finally received the help I need. When I signed on to the Zoom session and my therapist was the same parent educator I had from before, I was so excited! We were able to quickly establish a relationship and for once, I feel like someone cared enough to help me.

The reason the services are so effective is because everyone at Family Forensic Services is experienced in working with individuals involved in the Court system. It is important that the therapists know how to deal with the situations that affect people like me, who are going through what I am going through right now. The therapists’ experience with these matters is what provides real help and support to clients like me.

Finding out the services were free was such a relief! Thank you KidSide for covering the cost! On top of the stress and anxiety of my situation I was not receiving child support and it was so hard on me. I knew I needed the therapy, and I wanted it so I could work to be a better person for my kids and for everyone. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, honestly. I was overwhelmed at the time and finding out the services were free was such a gift to me. A lot of times you receive free or low-cost services, and there is no interest there because the therapist or agency is fueled by money. That was not the case here. The services were amazing. I am so happy and thankful to my therapist, FFS, and KidSide.