James’ Reunification

My name is James, and I am so grateful for the help I have received through Family Court Services.

When my son was just a toddler, I was arrested and incarcerated for four years. Upon release, I went to court to explore my custody options. I wanted to establish a relationship with my son, especially since I had already missed out on so much of his life.

The judge sent my case to Family Court Services for review, where they determined supervised visitation was an appropriate next step. I was really nervous to see my son. At first, he was shy and did not know who I was. With the help of my observer, I was able to reference memories and show him photos of us when he was younger. He even remembered a Disney vacation we took together, which surprised me. After a few visits, my son and I started to bond; he even started calling me dad.

After three months of supervised visits, I went back to court and got permission to start seeing my son more frequently. Although I am still making up for time lost, I am grateful for the progress we have made. I could not have done this without my observer’s guidance from Family Court Services. She was so patient, understanding, and thoughtful. My family and I feel very blessed.