FCS: Keeping Families Connected During the Judicial Process


Sophia is a 44y/o mother who had not seen her three children in about four months due to allegations made against her live-in boyfriend. Sophia works for Walmart at a minimum wage and does not have the funds needed to pay to be able to see her children. However, because of the extraordinary services offered at Family Court Services free of charge, Judge Bernstein was able to refer this family for co-parenting with an in-house therapist and supervised visitation. Sophia is now seeing her children every Wednesday and was so happy this is getting done before the holidays. The children are oftentimes overwhelmed with joy and contentment when Sophia appears on the Zoom call. FCS is helping hundreds of families reunite and build familial relationship. Sophia and the children’s father are also displaying signs of improvement in their communication. Although they are not where they need to be as co-parents, they are not where they were when initially ordered for services. Family Court Services is here to keep families connected while going through the judicial process.

Sophia, 44 year-old mother of three