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It’s Not About Me…
“Argue for your limitations, and they are yours.” – Richard Bach

Although best known for his novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull, … itself a most worthy read … award winning author Richard Bach, also penned another very spiritual novel entitled Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. I read Illusions almost 35 years ago, but the message is with me always. So, I turned to its ever-present message when asked to write about the relationship that my firm and I share with KidSide.

Bach wrote the allegorical tale of a barnstorming biplane pilot who briefly enters Bach’s life filled with indispensable truths that seem to be elusive to each of us during our daily lives. Of course, once we see them or become aware of them, we realize that these simple truths should be the roadmap for our daily lives.

The book is littered with a series of pages that are blank save for a single such truth. The one recited above, speaks to the relationship we all share with KidSide. It speaks as well to the relationship that KidSide shares with the many families whose lives are improved by its existence.

I cannot even remember now how long ago I was approached by Linda Fieldstone of Family Court Services about the concept of KidSide. She asked if I would help in its formation. At the time, I explained to Linda that I did not believe I had the necessary experience to form such an organization; however, I would be more than willing to play a supporting role. Since then, it has been a little bit like Al Pacino’ s exclamation in the Godfather Part III “Every time I try to crawl out, they drag me back in.”

Just like Michael Corleone I never leave. I feel grateful and enriched for the opportunity to assist the service that KidSide provides. This is exactly why I write today. To send the message that it’s not about me. In fact, it’s not about any of us as individuals. KidSide is about how we come together as a community of individuals to best serve the community that needs the assistance that we are uniquely blessed with the ability to provide.

This is why the torch has been passed from Board to Board, Family Court Administrative Judge to Family Court Administrative Judge, and the general members since the formation of KidSide. This is why when Judge Sandy Karlan called me twenty years ago for assistance with our first softball tournament I cancelled my day, sponsored a team, and started calling people to play, coach or attend in order that this KidSide event could be a success. It was.

It was a success because it raised a great deal of money. It was a success because so many members attended. It was a success because we all had an amazing time that lasted far beyond the game. We formed collegial relationships with professionals with whom we are typically engaged in adversarial relationships. And, admittedly, it was a success because Judge David Young is a hilarious and absolutely scandalous emcee.

KidSide is successful because it is a microcosm of the world we need to create. It is all inclusive. Everybody can be a member of KidSide. It is not self-centered. The organization exists to focus on the needs of others rather than the status or personal gain of its members. Finally, although perhaps not as august as the first two reasons for KidSide’s success, it is fun. There is just not enough fun in what we do. As consequence, anything that creates a moment of levity should be perpetual. This is why KidSide will be a permanent institution in our family law community.

Throughout the years, I have been afforded the opportunity to sponsor events or to simply participate and attend. I have never been disappointed by the decision. So, take a moment. Congratulate yourself for what you are doing as a member of KidSide. If you are not yet a member of KidSide, it is time to step up. Do not argue for your limitations or they will be yours. You need to serve as much as the community that KidSide serves needs you. With that, I am grateful (albeit unworthy) to be the focus of any unique attention because, it is not about me.

Richard J. Preira

About Rick Preira and RCC Family Law


Rick is an accomplished attorney who has been practicing law in South Florida for years. He brings a unique background to his practice, specializing in Marital and Family Law. His early career as a criminal defense attorney allowed him to hone his skills as a seasoned litigator, an architect of conflict resolution and negotiator. Regularly listed in Florida Trend Magazine’s “Legal Elite”, The Wall Street Journal’s “Top Attorneys in Florida”, U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Lawyer” in marital and family litigation as well as marital and family mediation and a Florida “Super Lawyer” for marital and family law.


Rick handles high profile clients, complex family law cases and sensitive family law mediations. His success derives from his dedication to serving his clients with exceptional attention. His respect for the law, his devotion to the families and clients he serves, and his continued service to his community makes him one of the most sought-after South Florida Family Law attorneys.


RCC Family Law is a boutique firm centered around a culture of attentiveness, responsiveness and creative solutions typically found only in smaller entrepreneurial firms. Rick and his team continue to serve families and clients with unparalleled commitment and intuitive counsel.