Community Partner Highlight

Shechter & Everett, LLP


KidSide’s first Community Partner Highlight is with our Diamond Partner, Shechter and Everett – a leading Forensic Accounting and Consulting firm in Coral Gables. By reading the Q & A below, we encourage you to get to know the boutique consulting firm made up of experienced professionals and valuation experts who are analytical, detail-oriented, and ethical. Learn how they might be able to assist your practice or case.

What are the types of services that Shechter and Everett offer?

Shechter & Everett, LLP is a boutique firm specializing in forensic accounting, litigation consulting services, and business valuations.

What is the difference between a Forensic Accountant and a Business Valuator?

Forensic accounting encompasses a wide variety of financial investigative services, litigation support, and financial due diligence. Business valuation focuses on determining the value of a business interest for various purposes including, but not limited to matrimonial litigation, merger and acquisitions, and estate and gift planning.

What is a Neutral Forensic Divorce Accountant?

The neutral forensic accountant acts as the accountant for both parties in a divorce. For this process to work, the parties have to cooperate with the neutral forensic accountant. The advantages of utilizing a neutral accountant are:

Saving the parties’ time and money in the discovery process. The elimination of two dueling accountants asking for the same information can reduce fees and time.

Decreasing the need to go to court on financial issues.

What are some of the key differences between you and other accounting firms?

Our firm focuses solely on Forensic Accounting and Valuation, although our partners have extensive backgrounds in audit, taxation, and financial accounting. Our services are in the areas of Matrimonial Litigation, Commercial Litigation, and Valuation Services. We feel that concentration allows us to provide superior service to our clients.

Why do you support our organization?

Our firm has been involved with KidSide for several years and has served in the capacity of Treasurer. We have seen the impact a robust Family Court Services unit has on the community and the immense help it provides all of our Judges and the families they assist.