KidSide Newsletter December 2021


It’s (supposed to be) the
Most Wonderful Time of the Year
by: Judge Elisabeth M. Espinosa

Honorable Elisabeth M. Espinosa, County Judge

Honorable Elisabeth M. Espinosa, County Judge
County Domestic Violence Division

You really never know what someone is going through. With the additional stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, this holiday season it is more important than ever to practice patience, kindness, and compassion with one another. One another, meaning everyone we encounter…

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Tips for Parents Going Through Divorce During the Holiday Season
by: Lisette N. Beraja, LMFT

angry parents

As a Domestic Violence victim, it is rare to come across people that understand what you’ve gone through. Even family members. When I was referred to Family Court Services, I was shocked. The Specialists assigned to my case were so sensitive, provided me with the…

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FCS – Emotional Support in Time of Crisis

two woman

I was referred to Family Court Services for co-parenting services. My co-parent and I did not have a healthy communication pattern which negatively impacted my child’s academic performance. I was frustrated when I received my referral for co-parenting because I…

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Holidays for Children
by: Sandy Karlan, Esq.,
Former Circuit Judge

xmas tree

It’s the holiday season and no matter what holiday you celebrate, we have all come to expect that these will be joyous, fun-filled happy family occasions. Right?

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New Date for the
KidSide Judicial Reception!

Judicial Reception

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